On Sunday November 6, 2011 we played our final show in Munich / Kranhalle and THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT is officially disbanded since then.

This last show (infact the whole farewell tour) left an incredible amount of positive feelings that it is almost impossible to speak of something "sad". We could not think of a more glorious and satisfying ending than the one we had. We are eternally thankful for everyone who came out to the final show (especially the people who travelled long distances) and made this a night we will never forget.

Our special thanks go out to TILL WE DROP and SOCIAL SUICIDE who accompanied us on our farewell tour. It was a great pleasure to play and hang out with you guys for those 10 days. Not to forget CASPER who made our final show even more special. Also we would like to thank the best booking agency on this planet, AVOCADO BOOKING, for making this tour possible.

But there's three very special persons without whom our farewell tour would not have taken place. Jai who was our drummer for this rollercoaster ride, Chris who drove our van and Bart who took care of our merch. You three are as much a part of this band as the rest of us and words cannot express how thankful and happy we are that you came with us.

As always it is the TROUBLE KIDS who, last but not least, deserve our deepest gratitude. You guys have always been the backbone of every road we travelled, every tone we played, every line we screamed, every song we recorded and every show we rocked. Thank you so much for everything!

This was THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT. Don't you forget about me....



A collection of old and new songs for you to check out.

Biography (2006 - 2011)

Consideration. Focus. Deceleration. Pretty rare qualities in a time when the music industry serves, eats, chews, swallows and shits out dozens of bands every day. The device is "be quick or be dead". The result is soulless, heartless and meaningless expression of shallow words and music.

The Blackout Argument slowed down in 2010. Not because of a lack of time or motivation but as a consequence of a rational decision. Having reached most of their personal goals and a good dose of "common music business goals" such as various European tours, constant media presence and positive press feedback and a long list of notable releases, the band more and more zeroed in on the true crux of playing in a band: music itself and its creation. Focusing on the quality and heart in everything they do, this shift in The Blackout Arguement's self-concept and vision lead to the native but also longsome birth of their new album "Detention".

Infact the creative process of "Detention" started in June 2009 already, when the first 5 songs were written and demo'ed. Since then The Blackout Argument have worked constantly on both, the album and the band itself. They wrote and recorded more than 20 songs, reworked them and let them mature in a constant cycle and finally tracked them at Suiseidl Studios (Munich, Germany) with highest care and considertion. Subsequently this creation was narrowed down to a selection of 12 harmonizing songs which in the end made up "Detention", to be released in January 2011.

The Blackout Argument pride themselves over their effort to self-produce "Detention", an approach that played another key role in (re-)coining the band. "Detention" is challenging and manifold yet extremely catchy and engaging. It creates a very sanguine mix of heavy rock and forward-thinking hardcore. It became nothing less than the album the band always wanted to create.

Embedded in this emotional and strategic agitation the move to a new label just came naturally. Sharing equal ideas, motivation and focus, Redfield Records were the perfect match and thus became the new home for The Blackout Argument.

This band is ready and excited to show off once more the great gap between them and all those short-lived, lukewarm and heartless bands. Bolstered by the songs of their upcoming album 'Detention' and sharp set for any stage on this planet, The Blackout Argument continue to build their reputation as a powerhouse of passion and authenticity.



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"Overweight Against Heart Attacks (feat. Casper)"

Official music video for THE BLACKOUT ARGUMENT's song "Overweight Against Heart Attacks" (taken from their album "Detention") featuring CASPER. Shot at the Mach1 Festival 2011 by the Perfidy Syndicate.

We're running out of time. "Do I stutter?" It was us, dancing on the edge of the dance floor. I saw some freaks running out of time. It was us running out of time. OUR TIME IS UP. OUR TIME IS NOW. LET'S WALK THE ZOMBIE WALK. (THEY) WON'T GET OUR HEADS WITH THEIR BULLETS FULL OF GAIN. This party's fuckin' over. We're still hungry for more. Open the way out of hell. Less alone together. Bags full of wisdom. We only met once but it changed our lives forever. SIE LIESSEN UNS GEHEN, JEDER MIT SEINEM GEWICHT ZU TRAGEN, UNS WORTE VOR'S GESICHT GESCHLAGEN. UND WIE SCHNELL ES GING, DER TRICK IST ATMEN, DIE ANTWORT EINFACH NICHT ZU FRAGEN. DOCH SIEHT IMMER LEBEN OHNE RIESEN GEFAHREN, JEDE NACHT, SCHLAF NUR PROBELIEGEN FUER'N SARG. MANN, NEUBEGINN, MOTIVATION, AUFSTAND IN DER ZOMBIENATION.

"Satisfying Angst (feat. Andrew Neufeld / Comeback Kid)"

Directed by Justin Reich ( Shot in Winston-Salem, NC, USA at RJ Reynolds high school in January 2011 by Blake Faucette ( and Justin Reich. Starring: Kelly Eden (, Alex Folmar, Ray Wood and Lauren Marie Bolling. Promotional stills by Andrew Day Photography (

Standing in the backyard. Staring at her scars. Confusion is surrounding her (leached out) existence. Standing in her shadow. Staring at the end. In hope she's screaming: "Tell me that there's nothing we could lose. Raise this inner crime. (We) need to lock the fear we hide inside." Surrounded by a dozen souls she still feels alone. Will this isolation end? Or is she destined to rest in a never ending planless hide-and-seek? "Fuckin' restless ruining years through all the hopes and fears. I keep on crawling back to zero. Raise this inner crime. Lock the fear we hide. I still believe that sacrifice makes sense."